Shoe Sketches

I'm trying to break out of what I normally illustrate and tackle some accessories, namely, shoes. Turns out shoes are actually very enjoyable for me to illustrate. Who knew! I've always had a love for men's dress shoes, but lately I've been exploring the fun world of high heels and boots. Not sure which I like better, but I'm excited to work on a few more pieces this week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.59.39.png

Playbill - Making Mondays

Making Mondays was one of my favorite things to do in NYC. It's an evening where myself and several other creatives get together to collaborate and "make things" together. It's broadcast live on Periscope, where viewers can chime in and suggest topics and ideas for us to act out, sing, perform, paint, etc.
Now that I'm out here in LA, I'm hoping we can start one of these out here.
Playbill recently posted an article covering the idea of Making Mondays, which you can read about here.

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Jonathan Taylor for taking such great shots!

Art Show Opening

Hello friends! It has been ages since I've updated this. Wanted to invite you all to my art opening tonight at Tugboat Tea Co in Brooklyn, NY. There will be 24 of my pieces on display. I'll also bring in some fashion illustration books I've been published in, as well as some yummy desserts and refreshments! Come check out the local art scene in Prospect Lefferts Garden.

Hope to see you there!

Killer Heels - Brooklyn Museum

Last week I spent the day exploring the Brooklyn Museum. I strolled through the Killer Heels exhibit and loved looking at all the designs and reading about the history of some of these shoes. So obviously, I had to sketch everything I saw. Below are a few sketches from my sketchbook.

Illustrating for Maya's Hope at Sisley Paris NYC

Maya's Hope Foundation is an organization I was introduced to last summer. They are a wonderful non-profit organization that sends financial aid to orphanages around the world, and yesterday I got the chance to spend time with Maya and the wonderful volunteers of Maya's Hope. Sisley Paris hosted their event in the West Village where I had the oportunity to illustrate the fabulous guests all night long.

I highly recommend everyone visit Maya's site:

Nolcha Fashion Week A/W 2015

Last nights shows were beautiful, as always. I love sketching at Nolcha Fashion Week each season. They showcase a great variety of both seasoned and emerging designers. Even the attendees are friendly and eager to find new talent. Below are illustrations from Katty Xiomara, Preiston and Ann Himsel.

These were sketched live from the runway in watercolor.

More to come soon!

Katty Xiomara
Ann Chimsel

New Bridal Sketches

I've been in Los Angeles for the past month working on several bridal comissions, and just finished the first of many. These were all illustrated over the holidays, and last week I put the final touches on everything - i.e., a lot of Swarovski Crystals. I think there's something about bridal that never gets boring. Sure, painting a white dress over and over again can seem dull, but I really enjoy the challenge of having to create something dramatic and unique each time. Another reason why I am loving bridal right now is that it's about the emotion. It is not a runway sketch. It's a sketch that captures a memory of a very important day, and illustrating that emotion through a body stance can be quite challenging, especially when the dress is only one color. I've since incorporated new materials in my bridal illustrations as well, from crystals and metallics to feathers and glitter- and that's just a start!

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 15

It's that time of year again... first up is a sketch from the Cesar Galindo fashion presentation, held at the Hudson Hotel this past Sunday. This is probably my 7th season illustrating for him- the first time was back in 2010 at Lincoln Center, when he use to have runway shows. Since then, Cesar Galindo has presented his collections though fashion presentations, which I'm sure many other fashion illustrators and photographers can agree is a much easier way to capture the looks than at runway shows. This gives viewers an up-close opportunity to see the details in all of the garments. It's a much more immersive experience than runway shows, and allows viewers to walk around a few times and really look at all the pieces.

Cesar Galindo Spring/summer 2015

Cesar Galindo Spring/summer 2015

Painting with Swarovski Crystals

In a recent bout of boredom, I decided to wander off into a deep Google search for Swarovski crystals. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. In the mail came a few thousand crystals I ordered for my fashion illustrations. I am serious about crystals, so a thousand sounded like a good amount to start off with. This whole weekend I immersed myself in glitter, crystals, and feathers.

I know it's common for creative people to get stuck in a creative rut, so ordering new materials was just the thing I needed. To make matters worse, I was also given an entire book listing every single Swarovski crystal color, size and shape I could order. So, let's just say this crystal experiment is not going to end anytime soon.


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.20.08 PM.png

Fashion and Gender

I'm working on some new material that touches on both mens and womenswear. Lately, I've been taking a few photos of my fellow New Yorkers dressed in apparel that not only inspires me to turn them into a fashion illustration, but really questions the gender binary.

There probably isn't a better place other than New York where you can find people who aren't afraid to show off their personal styles, especially when it breaks gender stereotypes.

Here are a few pieces I've illustrated so far. In my opinion, blending apparel from mens and womenswear are what create those truly unique, beautiful and provocative looks.


More to come soon.


Still working on this one- I'm thinking about covering his entire jacket in this print. Thoughts?

Still working on this one- I'm thinking about covering his entire jacket in this print. Thoughts?

Amanda's Sketch

I had another opportunity to create a bridal illustration for a newly wed! Amanda's dress had a lace bodice with a long flowing skirt. Her sash was satin and her veil was lined in lace and crystals. I used dried flowers mixed with glitter to create her bouquet. I also took the pigment of the flowers to create the color of her heels. I recently got word that she loved it. I am so happy she likes it!

Published in a Book!

I just received some exciting news today- I've been published in a fashion illustration book! It's available in Spanish bookstores right now. Below are a few shots of the book that include about 9 of my fashion illustrations. I wish I could get this book in the states. I love browsing through fashion illustration books, there are so many illustrators out there with such distinct styles. They never cease to inspire me.