DAAPWorks 2012

This past week was the final senior show for graduating DAAP seniors in  industrial design, architecture, fine arts, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, digital design and fashion design. After having been out of school for two years it was a little bittersweet coming back to finish my final quarter this spring. There was never a question as to whether or not I would go back to finish college after leaving to help launch an internet start-up, but many people seem to be glad that I came back to graduate nonetheless. My thesis was a forecast on the future of biohumanism and geoengineering in the year 2050. I created a series of illustrations that represented the possible r plausible technologies that could in existence by 2050. I was inspired after working at the Institute for the Future back in the summer of 2010. Also, having lived in Silicon Valley for the past two years, it seemed sort of natural to design a thesis around something having to do with the future.

I was also honored to receive the award for Most Outstanding Senior for Fashion Design at graduation. I'm certainly thankful for my professors who encouraged me to live in France, hand sew a wedding dress, get on national television, show at  a fashion show in Times Square, drop out of college to start a company and give a TED talk on my experience temporarily going blind when I was 20. I think my one professor said it best in that my "life is like a movie." Of all of my experiences I'd hope that I can inspire someone else to take as many risks as I did in college.

Below are a few of the illustrations I painted.


[caption id="attachment_119" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Cyborgs, Avatars and Humans in the Year 2050"]Future 2050[/caption]