New Bridal Sketches

I've been in Los Angeles for the past month working on several bridal comissions, and just finished the first of many. These were all illustrated over the holidays, and last week I put the final touches on everything - i.e., a lot of Swarovski Crystals. I think there's something about bridal that never gets boring. Sure, painting a white dress over and over again can seem dull, but I really enjoy the challenge of having to create something dramatic and unique each time. Another reason why I am loving bridal right now is that it's about the emotion. It is not a runway sketch. It's a sketch that captures a memory of a very important day, and illustrating that emotion through a body stance can be quite challenging, especially when the dress is only one color. I've since incorporated new materials in my bridal illustrations as well, from crystals and metallics to feathers and glitter- and that's just a start!