Recap: Art Battles NYC 2013.

Last Friday I participated in my first Art Battles. I battled against 3 other artists and we were given 1 hour to paint on stage as everyone watched. Not only have I never pained anything that large in my life, I also used acrylic, which is a medium I haven't used in about, eh, 8 years or so.

I got second place at the first battle, which was good enough for me! Working as a fashion illustrator I don't get too many opportunities to work alongside talented muralists and graffiti artists, so this was an opportunity I definitely did not want to miss out on.  I would love to create work larger than my 10x12 inch watercolor sketchbook, but maybe a 40in a 50in canvas is a little too much for me to handle right now. Here's a link from JSquared Magazine, who covered the event on Friday, with a video recap below. 


I'll post my process photos up here soon. Thanks everyone for coming out to support me. It was an amazing night and I'm really glad I took a risk with my work.