Sketch Night at the Society of Illustrators

Last week I attended a fashion illustration sketch night at the Society of Illustrators. It was for 3 hours and we were timed in 5, 10, and 15 minute increments. The theme was Audrey Hepburn, which I was a big fan of. I wish the models were dressed in some of her more iconic outfits, but the ones they had were a challenge yet very fun to illustrate. I think the most challenging part was getting comfortable around the many other illustrators, and gaining confidence to sketch in front of people. That’s probably a skill all illustrators could benefit from, including myself. I used watercolor throughout the entire night and sat for the entire time. And let me just say, 3 hours is a long time to draw. However, at the end, my illustrations were looking a lot better! Below are some that I drew, starting with a few 5 minute sketches and finishing up with a 15 minute sketch. In my opinion, I think a Disney Princess-themed sketch night would be a fun idea... Sketch Night SOI Sketch Night SOI Sketch Night SOI Sketch Night SOI