Teaching Fashion Illustration

I have accepted a position this summer to teach fashion illustration courses at an all-girls summer camp right outside Philadelphia. I have the upmost respect for teachers, and as I am writing my curriculum, can’t help but call all my teacher friends and ask for advice and words of wisdom. The camp is held on a college campus for junior high and high school girls. It is a design camp where students may select a “major” and a “minor” during their stay. At the end, they’ll have material to take with them to college interviews. Some of the other classes range from creative writing, dance, story art, and acting, to name a few. The camp is also oriented to teach girls self-empowerment and confidence, so they can take their new skills with them at the end of camp and continue to pursue them in their collegiate and professional careers. I wish there were more camps like this one, and I certainly wish I had a camp like this when I was in high school. Instead, I spent my summers at newspaper camp in the middle of Indiana, which I might add, I thoroughly enjoyed as well.